Batman Begins

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The new Batman film; Batman Begins was released on DVD this week and proves that this film was not a film that could be enjoyed in the cinema atmosphere like so many of the recent 'super hero' genre films. Batman Begins sees the reawakening and restoring of the Batman franchise to it's old high and the days before 'Batman and Robin' where fans of the previous films had wished Batman had been laid to rest.

Why Batman Begins provails in a genre that of late has been dogged by 'flops' is simple it ignores the emphasis recent 'super hero' films have put upon CGI and concentrates on character development and well a well structured story. This is where films such as The Hulk, The Fantastic Four and Daredevil were let down and hence the lack of success at attracting audiences, the appeal of CGI appears to be dieing and the attraction of well acted out action movies should there make a resurgance, Batman Begins is hopefully the beginning of this. The notable lack of CGI makes Batman a far more entertaining film with realism attained throughout in scenes such as the Batmobile chase and smaller less noticable instances such as Batman standing on the ledge of a skyscraper in the dead of night, which was done with a stunt man actually standing on a ledge hundreds of feet off the floor.

I wont go into too much detail on the storyline so not to give too much away for any not to have seen it yet, it would be an overstatement to say that the storyline was gripping but it is entertaining, it's aim appears not to produced a far to intense piece more fast and frantic when it comes to action scenes and absorbing when dealing in character devbelopment inparticular that of Bruce Wayne and his development of the dark knight. This is some what filling in the gaps of previous films which offer little insight into where Batman came from in terms of the skills he attains, and more so the mental development of the character after the murdering of his parents. A great cast make this film a worthwhile investment to any action fan.



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