Batteries New or Used? Give me New Please

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Over the years ebay has been plagued with people selling used batteries either because they know they no longer function, or that simply they no longer have the machines or equipment to test their functionality. Such is the case if the battery was removed from lets say a Notebook and the Notebook was sold on ebay without the battery, which eventually that battery would also be sold under the classification of as-is untested. It then becomes quite risky to the buyer to undertake this acquisition comparing the lifespan and charge rate that a new battery will provide. To his benefit, the used or as-is battery most likely would sell for a bargain price so the risk wouldn't be as costly. This scenario is the perfect achievement notebook resellers undertake, to risk a few pounds, acquire a used functional battery, integrate it into their notebook and there you have it, a sellable ebay product with the added note: battery takes a charge! For end users who are trying to replace their dead battery, unless their pocketbooks won't allow, a new battery would be the better choice, though that at times can also be a problem, as influx of overseas products with no warranty and customer service entities to backup a product after your money is in their hands. The wiser solution then would be to buy locally and deal with a local person(s), companies and stores that value you as a customer, which also contribute to the local economy and taxation. Summary: buying used can be risky, buying abroad can have it's pitfalls.
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