Be Wary of FAKE 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB USB Flash Drives Part 2

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Just because you buy from a UK seller, it doesn't mean it's perfectly fine. Do you realise that maybe the UK seller buys in bulk from a seller in Hong Kong, China, or somewhere in the Far East and then asks the seller not to leave feedback so people won't know that it's Far East stock?

Some sellers say it's 'UK Stock', which I think is a safer bet but still no guarantee.

The best thing to do is buy from a UK seller who sells 'UK Stock' and then test it immediately after receiving it to see if it really holds the storage it claims to. Most people who buy a 2GB, 4GB or 8GB USB Pen Drive don't try to fill it up fully for a long time and so they don't realise until it's too late.

Adding files slowly upto the 'fake' storage size will seem fine as there is some sort of programming, code or application which either compresses or 'fakes' the files you save. For e.g. a 128MB USB Pen Drive re-programmed to 2GB will save 128MB fine, but anything above that is compressed or fake 'hex' data and these files will stop working within days, weeks, or months if you are lucky. Too late to get a refund. Sure the seller will say it was a one-off problem if you have a problem with yours within days, and send you another fake 128MB posing as 2GB and you'll happily delude yourself for a short while until you realise that you ignored your instincts, the alarm bells, and me telling you that you should ask for a refund - yes, some have ignored my advice when I have shown them proof, they don't want to face the fact that they've been scammed. It's a natural human instinct... but ignoring the proof is just plain stupidity my friends.

Look up the seller x.gui by clicking community at the top of eBay's pages, type in x.gui and look at how many negatives he's got. He's recently made his feedback private (maybe he got the idea from me) to hide the feedback comments I left for him. I hid my feedback before I had the negative feedback from him, I wanted people to go to my 'About Me' page and see it. My feedback is shown there so I'm not hiding anything, just encouraging people to read my 'About Me' page and my Guide/s.

He's been scamming people for months, probably years I don't know. I was suspicious of how cheap they were selling so took my vigilante approach and bought a few with the intention of sending them off for inspection. It cost me a little to say the least, but I counted on getting a refund.

Unfortunately I couldn't get my refund as I couldn't resist letting others know they are buying fakes. How could I stand by (or sit by) and watch people buy 128MB USB Pen Drives that have been messed about with to appear 2GB? They weren't really Sony either but most didn't care about this. I knew they'd care that their shiny 2GB USB Pen Drive wasn't actually 2GB so I risked getting my refund to help others. Noble? Not really, I just can't sit and do nothing and I thought I'd still get my refund. I'm a little selfish like the rest of us so I wanted my money back first but I thought I'd still have a chance of getting my refund AND I could stop him selling so went for two birds with one stone.

I stopped him selling... for now. If we stick together as honest eBayers, then we can help make this large problem a smaller one. I'm not going to delude myself, it won't completely disappear but we can help reduce the problem.

Just remember, the best thing to do is not buy USB Pen Drives that will be shipped from Hong Kong, China, anywhere in the Far East. Even if you buy in the UK, the seller you bought from could be getting his stock from the Far East. Go for a seller who sells 'UK Stock' and even then test it thoroughly. If you buy a 1GB USB Pen Drive, try saving a LARGE file, like a 700MB file on it. DON'T save something like ten 50MB files and think "yeah, I've tested it upto 500MB" because you you added ten 50MB files, not a LARGE 500MB or 700MB (any large file) to it. The Pen Drive is designed to fool you. It can easily deal with small 50MB files and 'fake' them. If you try saving a LARGE (about 700MB or more is best) file to it, a 'fake' USB Pen Drive cannot work quickly and hard enough compress it, or to 'fake' it onto the USB Pen Drive. A real one? A real one will have no problems at all. This is the BEST way to test it. As far as I know it works everytime.

One last note, all of the above can also apply to Memory Cards. A lot of Sony PSP compatible Memory Sticks are on eBay, naturally as the PSP is quite popular so I'm told. I don't know as much about these Memory Cards but I have heard or people (and read on forums) of people's woes with fakes so be careful!

Take care, and enjoy eBaying, because I do...
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