Be aware of fake Airmax 360 !!!!

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All Ebay members out there , i would like to share with you my experience with this problem of fake Airmax 360 !!!

Lately ebay is full of these fakes advertised as original ,authentic etc etc !!!

Take your precautions !
I received 3 pairs of fakes lately !!!! 3 out of 3 !!!!

I will show you pictures of an original silver / black shoe , and a fake white gold shoe.

here are some points that you have to be very careful !!!

1) Very clear and shiny air unit , the transparent part is a sign of fake , originals are a bit dull !!!!

 in this pic is the original
 in this one the fake

2) the top of the tong is not well done and the outer side that writes airmax 360 come over the inside.

 fake , the golden part is going over the white to the inside

another difference in the tongue is in the inside . the tongue in the original is attached to to the shoe with the same textile while in the fake is different .

3) Take a close look to the little piece at the back of the shoe. in genuines the inside ruber piece is perfectly cut and placed.

4) The outer sole is different !!! Very shiny outer sole, misplaced little rubber pieces under air unit in the heel area of the outer sole are signs of fakes.
 original , the litlle rubber cubes are placed very well

 fake , some rubber cubes are touching the heel rubber , obviously misplaced

there is also a small difference to the "" writen but can't be seen in the pics.
also the outer sole rubber material is different and of much lower quality in the fakes.

5) Always ask for picture of the tag that is placed in the inside of the tongue !!! Fakes have just a number under the barcode while originals have 2 - 3 lines of codes !!!

 original ,plenty of info !!!
 fake , even the size is wrong , a 45 with smaller fit than 44.5 !

6) the inside part of the sole is completely different between originals and fakes !!!

  original , simple but does its job !

 cheap " fancy " stuff just to catch the eye !

These are the most obvious differences i found , off course the feelling is completely different when you walk .
with originals you really feel the air under your feet and the springy effect while walking or running !
with fakes is like you walk on hard plastic , don't even think of running !!!
even the sound of them when you walk is is completely different.
originals sound like pirelli sport tyres while breaking slowly to hot ashpalt while the fakes sound line you through down empty palstic balls !!!

I made this review to protect the ebay community from this disease of fakes.
I hope you find it usefull !

This is not absolute and i didn't use any other than pics of shoes that i bought from ebay.
I can't announc ehere the sellers i tried and have fakes . Who wants more info abou tthem please contact me .

This is to protect both buyers and honest sellers !

PS If someone would like some more pictures you can ask me to send you them but unfortunately here i could put only 10 pics !
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