Be aware of the genuine fake Rolex

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When you look at this guide title you think what's he on about a "genuine fake Rolex", but trust me they are out there and they're coming to get you or rather your wallet. This guide is not intended as a step by step guide to telling a real Rolex from a fake but just to let Potential buyers of Rolexs of the lengths Rolex copiers will go to.

1. Firstly on all real Rolex watches the second hand sweeps smoothly rather than clicks forward, but most people with even a little knowledge about Rolexs know this. Everybody knows about the dirt cheap $10 specials that are sold from Bangkok to Tenerife, these are not going to fool anybody. The ones to watch out for (pardon the pun) are the "genuine" expensive looking fakes.

2. Virtually all genuine sellers love their Rolex and have the watches provenance, where they bought it, the original box etc. If it has no history at the very least check the serial number with Rolex. Do be careful however, don't assume that if it's in a Rolex box its correct, companies who have the expertise to fake a Rolex can easily fake a box. Likewise the Rolex hologram on the back.

3. If the seller is in the least bit miffy about having a correct check done, walk away, it's that simple. Its your hard earned money after all.

4.The "killer" Rolex to look out for is the "Genuine fake", this watch does have a genuine Rolex movement, (these are taken generally from used cheapest stainless steel ones)  the watch itself can have real Diamonds and a real Gold watch case but its NOT a real Rolex case. These are generally made in Italy to a quite high standard and are sold in the Souks of the Middle East but they do turn up in Europe more often than you think. They look fantastic and feel real, but they are not.

5. To give you an idea of price difference I was quoted in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia £28,000 for a diamond encrusted Solid gold genuine brand new Rolex (oh please let me win the lottery). Just around the corner I was quoted £8,500 for an new identical looking watch which was real gold and did have real diamonds and did have a real Rolex movement in it but dear reader it was a fake. It was not made by Rolex, but a company in Italy, a stunning fake presented in a Rolex looking box, with a Rolex looking hologram on the back, but a fake Rolex at the end of the day.

6. Perhaps the best way I could draw a parrallell is if you were spending a lot of money on an expensive car and you had little or basic knowledge about cars, you would be daft and a little naive if you did not have an independent check from either the RAC or the AA. In precisely the same way how many people are real and I do mean real experts about Rolex? If its an expensive Rolex, get it checked by a Genuine Rolex expert, its the only way, its thousands of pounds of your money and you know it makes sense.

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