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I have been noticing the same issue with international sellers on eBay over the past few years. To name a recent one in particular - Jitaolong from China. I love buying from China, the prices are great, potage isn't bad and I just love what I get from there BUT you get sellers like this that I feel have a tactic you need to look out for. I bought a pair of boots on the 10th April. Got an email a few days later the boots I selected were damaged and they couldn't sell them. I could select a new pair or receive a refund. I should have just taken the damn refund. I made my new selection of a pair I liked nearly as much and that was fine, I usually give about 3 weeks and contact the seller to ask about the progress of the postage. I did the same with this guy who assured me to "trust him" they have been sent out and will reach me any day now. As the weeks went past I emailed more and more and still, nothing. He said he would post me out a new pair and to wait for the new item to be delivered, and I was satisfied with the effort he made and waited again for another 3 weeks... still nothing. When I contacted him again, I made it clear I ran out of patience and simply wanted refunded so I could buy a pair from another store. (I bought them out of need, not want). he said to give him a little more time to contact the post office to find out what's going on, I gave him another week and heard nothing from him. Yesterday I told him I didn't care for the boots at all anymore, I'm fed up of getting the run around and demanded my money back. He got back to me to say he's sorry I didn't receive my boots which he sent and the refund which he apparently also sent. Blatant lies for a customer who has waited for so long. Now, its past the stage where I can make use of the resolution centre. I can't make him give me my money back and eBay can do nothing about it, which has led me to writing this for customers who might not have experienced this yet. If your delivery is taking longer than the time stated on the ad, get onto them straight away. Do NOT let it carry on, do not listen to all the excuses that will be spilled to you. This happens quite a lot. For every customer they do out of £20 each week, on each month that does nothing,  a new business will be born for taking money off fools like me. Sadly, I'll admit this has happened to me more than a few times, I'm too trusting but have finally learned the ropes and want to help you now with my bad experiences. 


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