Be careful of Fake Ebay emails

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Twice over the last couple of months I've received emails that look like they have come from eBay asking me to verify details, the first one my account , the second to update my billing details.

Luckily, I got suspicious and queried the first email where I was told that yes it was a fake and to send the details to eBay.

After this I query all emails from companies asking for my details, just contact the company and they will either confirm or deny sending the email. If you do have a query about an email from eBay or Paypal, go to the site map link and find ' safety centre' or the 'Paypal security centre' under the heading 'Marketplace safety' and follow their instructions.

Don't let the conmen/women win, fight back, you earnt your money through hard work don't give them the chance the nick it.

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