Be careful when buying Dinky toys & Collectables online

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When buying any collectables you need to make sure that you have done your homework so that you get the best deal possible and that you don't let rare lots slip through your fingers. Carefully read the blurb on the listing to clarify the condition of the model you are purchasing and inspect the pictures provided. search the net or ebay for similar models and ask whether a model is completely mint, or restored etc if unclear in the listings. Go by the feedback a seller has recieved, their experience and whether or not they are a powerseller. With dinky toys, check that a box is original as they can be easily forged and if in doubt ask an expert. Buy a good price guide like the Ramsay's dinky guide, to seperate the obscure models from the common ones. and are both good online resources for dinky toys. Finally, learn from your mistakes. You can't get it right every time, so cut your losses and keep collecting.
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