Be carefull about Fake nokias. Especially Fake Sirocco

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Hello Everybody,

I wanted to share my unfortunate experience with you guys since there are so many fake nokias auctions going on ebay.

2 weeks ago ,I have  a bought 2 units Nokia 8800 sirocco Gold (least that's what i thought).  Since i live both in Turkey and U.K , i have had the phones sent to my address in U.K. After I went back to Turkey , i gave 1 of them to my G.f as a gift and i kept 1 for meyself. Everything was perfect until my technician friend saw the the phones and realized that were completely fakes. Before i have purchased the phones, i have trusted seller for his/her messages and since he/she was from U.K , i didnt belive that he could sell me a fake item, honestly, i didnt think anyone would dare to sell a fake , unlegal phone in u.k.

Whatever,  The phones are not only  normal siroccos converted to a fake Gold, but also they have got 1.3 mp cameras instead of 2 mp which make them totally garbages.  Considering the fact that i have paid 700 sterling for both phone, i totally felt like a fool.  Phones are just lookin so if you are someone that has got limited knolwedge on cellphones, you may not realize.

In additon, 1 of the phone's  IMEI  number was also  changed by someone before it was sold to me.  when i checked it out on nokia webpage, i realized that IEMI of the phone was copied from another phone (a 6661) which means  possiblly stolen 1. I dunno why would someone copy another phone's IMEI?

I would not care if the phone was converted from a normal sirocco  but  1.3 MP camera and u fake IMEI are  just bothering and disappointing.

Thanks GoD,  i will be going to U.K in a week so i can bring them back to the seller or i can just return them via UPS.. I have sent an email to him/her and waiting for a response. If it does not work, i will fill a dispute and i will dwell upon this subject until i solve it.

It was very shameful to get the phone back from my girl friend and saw her dissapointed.  I wont be a fool this time and i will legally do everything in order to get my money back. ( Of course if the seller refuses to refund).

So be carefull everybody.. Dont belive sellers and dont be fooled by their power seller status.  For another brief example,  i did buy a phone like couple of months ago from a power seller from USA and what he sold me was an original but Mexican version LG Platinum which didnt work in GSM 900 provider so i use it as decoration now.

Be very very carefull when you buy phones.

1 thing you have to  do is to get item's IMEI and cehck them on nokia page. As soon as you write the IMEI number out  under the registration section, it will tell you what phone model and version it is.

Another thing you have to be carefull is the serial number of the back battery cover.

When you take it off, there should be a non-clear number written at the back side bottom.

I will post more if i learn how to distinguish them better


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