Be realistic guys !!!!!!!!

Like if this guide is helpful

Just a quick guide when trying to sell your unwanted electrical guitars.....dont price them more expensive than brang new unplayed guitars....they may only be used at home but they are still used. Just wanted to get this off my sick of looking for a guitar on ebay to find that they are more expensive than brand new Zak Wylde les paul, b- i -n, £600. Am i missing something......has the guitar community smoked cheech and chong levels of the green stuff??????????? Mex std strats £400  Fender 52 reissue tele..£1400 SECONDHAND!!!!! they are only £1099 brand new for gods sake!!! after a bargain when I use ebay like most people are.......try going to the guitar shop where you bought your guitar and asking them how much they will give you for it...then price it up to sell....note to muppets: this should be less than we can buy a new one for...unless its a rare (another can of worms.....since when has wine red been a rare les paul colour????  I kid you not!!!!! ) or vintage or has an artist connection...and i dont mean your mate andy that once did a 10 minute spot in your local for a pint of lager!!!!!!!!

Have fun ebayers


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