Be safe when buying cosmetics

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Buying makeup online

When you buy makeup online especially eBay do some research on the user check the reviews don't be fooled by the photo look at the price make sure your not getting ripped off  please look into these kind of things I know you might think omg but it's such an amazing deal it might just be a scam be careful who you give your address too make sure they are legit do plenty of reasearch be safe and if something says 0.01p it most likely isn't and don't for posts that have the same photo as like 50 other people look at the person with the highest number of sales and buy from them  trust me when I say buying from eBay can be safe I remebrr when I bought a nail polish for £6 thinking it was going to be an opi nail polish because those here in the uk are what £15  i t was fake and it was tiny it was barley the size of my pinky finger and my pinky finger is small so anyways please do some research before buying cosmetics especially online because they can be dirty they can be used they could be expired so just make sure when you buy cosmetics your are safe and you look into the buyer also can I add that you shouldn't be scared to ask the seller a question this girl was selling Mac blushes that were used and she didn't tell anyone until, I asked her to show me a close up of the blushes and if they had any finger prints if she still had the packaging and she didn't she was selling the for around seven eight pounds which is an amazing deal for Mac untill reality hits you and you realise something twenty pounds could not be sold mint condition for seven eight pounds 


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