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The guide-lines for clothing is spot on, no one in there right mind can argue that protective clothing is a must and will undoutebly save you a lot of pain and suffering should you be unlucky enough to come of or be knocked of. When anyrider challenges somebody for coming out on you 99.9 times out of a 100 the first thing they say is "SORRY I DIDN'T SEE THE BIKE"

You can have all the protection you like it will help but it will not stop anybody comming out on you. BE SEEN WHERE REFLECTIVE CLOTHING DAY AND NIGHT. It will not stop every blind idiot comming out on you, and you will never know how many times it has saved you, but it will have saved your life many times, rest assured. If your mates take the pee, change your mates, anybody who says that is not a true mate anyway.

One last piece of advice you can never stop learning everytime you go out you should learn something. It does not stop when you pass your test. Everybody should take there advanced rider test. I think it is £140 now but it will be the best £140 you will ever spend.

I have41 years riding behind me, I ride everyday in all weathers, I do not have a car, and I am still in one piece. But I am still learning you are never too old to learn.       

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