Bearded Dragon Equipment

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This is a simple list of the equipment needed for the keeping of Bearded dragons.

vivarium- At least 4(ft)X1.8(ft)x1.8(ft) for ONE dragon ( it is not advised to keep in pairs as they can fight)

Uvb tube AND Controller- ideally Arcadia t5 12% +D3 or repti sun 10.0 (T8 will be fine too) for a 4ft viv a 36" tube is recommended 

Ceramic basking bulb holder- Ceramic to cope with the heat output 

Basking Bulb- To reach the 104-107f (40-42c) basking temperature  a standard R80 reflector bulb is good.

Basking spot- This can be a piece of slate wood rock so your dragon can bask

Food- Livefood such as locust,calci worms and dubia roaches size vary depending on the size of your Dragon

Calcium/Vitimin supplement

Dimming thermostat- Must be a dimming stat. A pulse or may stat won't work for a basking bulb

Digital thermometer x2 one for cool end and one for basking spot

Substrate - lino,slate tiles,reptile carpet (no loose substrate as this can cause impaction)

Reptile safe disenfectant f10 e.t.c

You can add decorations vines rocks e.t.c this is up to you

Hope this guide is helpful to people thinking on getting a Bearded Dragon there are lots of detailed care sheets out there to get help with as well

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