Beatrix Potter Collectors List BP2a gold oval figures

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This is the definitive check list of all 38 gold oval backstamps used by the Beswick factory on Beatrix Potter figurines:

Amiable Guinea Pig
Anna Maria
Appley Dapply
Aunt Pettitoes
Benjamin Bunny
Cecily Parsley
Cousin Ribby
Duchess with Flowers
Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail
Foxy Whiskered Gentleman
Goody Tiptoes
Hunca Munca
Jemima Puddleduck
Johnny Townmouse
Lady Mouse
Little Pig Robinson
Miss Moppet
Mr Benjamin Bunny
Mr Jeremy Fisher
Mrs Flopsy Bunny
Mrs Rabbit
Mrs Tiggywinkle
Mrs Tittlemouse
Old Mr Brown
Old Woman Who lived in a Shoe
Peter Rabbit
Pigling Bland
Samuel Whiskers
Squirrel Nutkin
Tabitha Twitchit
Tailor of Gloucester
Timmy Tiptoes
Timmy Willie from Johnny Town-Mouse
Tom Kitten
Tommy Brock

please message me if any inaccuracies are detected.

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