Beaumont Piper II Affordable Beginner Flute

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With so many beginner flutes on the market it can be hard to know where to start. With years of experience in playing, teaching, buying and selling flutes we have accrued a good understanding of the models available and the needs of the beginner flautist. Our guides have been written in view of the first time buyer in the hope of offering information and advice.
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The Beaumont Piper II is the latest entry level offering from Beaumont Woodwind, the following is a guide and review to this innovative new instrument. The Beaumont brand was born from our frustration at repairing cheaply made poor quality instruments. Combined with the legion of customers who came to us with newly purchased big brand instruments that simply had not been set-up correctly at point of sale - leaving a beginner student feeling that they couldn't play, when all the while it was the lack of care given to preparing the instrument which failed to unlock its potential .

We set out to produce high quality instruments which were set-up ready to play and came with an affordable price tag. The Piper II comes with all the usual trimmings; silver plated, split E mechanism and off set G. The Piper also features its own unique specifications designed specifically for the beginner flautist in collaboration with teachers. The Piper II has double ringed keys, assisting students with correct finger-positioning from day 1. The mechanisms are also extremely light and responsive, helping in reaching the difficult notes for beginners. Beaumont Instruments are manufactured in China and set-up in our UK workshop before being distributed to high street music retailers. Designed by flautists, teachers and technicians the Beaumont Piper has received rave reviews from industry leaders. With a price tag half that of the Yamaha 211 and considerably less than the TJ 10X we our proud to offer this excellent and affordable alternative. 

                                       The following is taken with permission from Stephen Howard’s review of our Beaumont Piper II.
                        Stephen Howard is the author of Haynes woodwind manuals and is a highly acclaimed woodwind technician and player.
                                                                For the full review please see Stephen's website:

‘When I first picked up the Piper at the trade show I knew it would get a good review based solely on how it performed. If you bought one of these for your child you'd be able to rest easy, knowing that you'd given them an instrument that won't get in the way of their progress (an all-too-common reason for students giving up). But better than this the Piper's build quality matches the performance - so if the player goes the distance, so will the Piper.’

‘Tonewise the Piper II is impressive. It speaks with remarkable ease, combining a fullness of tone with a level of clarity and precision that's completely unexpected at this price. It made very short work of a number of cheaper (but nonetheless respectable) flutes, and although double the price of these competitors it gave more than double the performance.’ 

‘The lower end is remarkably powerful - a lot of flutes run out of steam in this range, with the notes becoming quieter and indistinct, but the Piper maintained a nice crispness right down to low C.’ ‘The upper register just sings - it's clean, detailed and smooth where a lot of cheaper flutes tend towards gritty and harsh - and it wasn't until top B that the money ran out and the flute began to kick back and ask the player for more breath support.’ 

‘Perhaps the best aspect of the Piper is its tonal variability. You really have to go some way to push the notes over the edge. You can take it from piano to fortissimo in an instant and the tone remains rock solid. This feature prompted one tester to exclaim "By eck! This is good!"- high praise indeed when you consider that her own flute cost around half the price of a small car.’ 

‘Up against the ubiquitous Yamaha 211 the Piper held its own with dignity.’ ‘The setup comes as part of the price with the Piper... and not only do you get a very nice, reliable flute - you also get after-sales support from a technician. As such I feel this flute sets the benchmark for £250 - and I really don't think you'll beat that in a hurry... unless you're prepared to spend close on £500.’

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                                                                                                      Thea and Tim 
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