Beauty products Authentic or Fake?

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Several years ago, I set up Ruby Rouge Beauty whilst continuing to work withing the legal profession. After a year or so I began to lose heart in trading within the Ebay community. At the time there appeared to be a massive market from sellers dealing in what I believed to be fake products so it was no longer financially viable to continue to trade. A few years later I decided to give it another go as a full time profession due to having another child. This time round I noticed that Ebay have cleared most if not all sellers of fake and counterfeit beauty products. I have a number of traders in the USA who I have traded with for over 8 years now. Finding these Wholesalers has been a long and arduous task which has been proved to be beneficial as I can now sell with confidence. The products are largely overstock from the most famous department stores in New York. I never trade within China as the market is flooded with fake goods. The products are mostly items that have been that or last seasons bonus time products. Here are some tips on how to spot a fake product. Firstly, all of my products contain a barcode and batch number. I check the batch codes against the manufacture date before selling it on therefore, anything that is prior to 3 years is disposed of my me or the wholesaler. Check the labels and writing on the products, if it looks odd then double check it at a department store. However, as some items are trial size then the image maybe smaller therefore may look slightly different to a full size one. Normally, you can tell if this is a product that you have used several times before. This also applies to the Smell, texture and the look of the product. The  market is unfortunately still flooded with lots of counterfeit MAC , Hard Candy and Benefit products. If you think a product is fake then give your seller a chance to respond to your allegations. How they respond is a giveaway. I have been selling these products for many years so I understand the financial penalties if I was too sell counterfeit products. I would only sell products I was 100% confident in. 

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