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Bebe Confort is a brand with a strong presence in the nursery and baby product industry. Its name is French for ‘baby comfort’ – because this is the principle on which the company is built. Bebe Confort produce buggies, carry cots and car seats, which have all been manufactured with the safety and comfort of the child user in mind. The Bebe Confort brand has now been incorporated into the Dorel Group, the Bebe Confort products are now branded Bebe Confort by Maxi Cosi.

Intensive Research & Development

But there’s more to them than that. Bebe Confort don’t just concern themselves with the comfort of the baby, they consider the pusher of the pushchair, the placer-inner of the car seat, and the carrier of the baby carrier. Through intensive research, and by using designers who have children rather than designers who’ve simply read about kids, Bebe Confort produce affordable baby products which are stylish as well as practical, channeling a twist of French design savoir-faire into the whole delicious recipe. All of the Bebe Confort car seats and prams are uniquely cushioned, and use intelligent ergonomic designs which benefit you and your child in equal measures. All of Bebe Confort’s pushchairs, car seats are tested to destruction to make sure they’re as safe as they can be. However, Bebe Confort summarise all this testing by saying that ‘we design seats for babies, not for crash test dummies’.

Bebe Confort as a Business

Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re a small, family-run business by the baby-centric philosophies Bebe Confort espouses though. They’re a hugely successful company. Previously known as Ampa Group (particularly in France) they’re currently owned by a Canadian company named Dorel Industries, a company with a firm foothold in the juvenile, home-furnishing, recreational and leisure industries, and which currently employs 4.800 people. Dorel itself can trace its roots back to 1969, which means that Bebe Confort is not only a successful company in its own right; it also has the substantial backing and support of a large industry player. Unless you work in business, you might never have heard of Dorel before; but Dorel is in fact the world’s largest baby products company, thanks to its diverse and innovative ranges of products. This means that after-sales service is great, products are well-made, and prices are competitive.

Less Obvious, More Practical

As well as the ingenious car seats and pushchairs made by Bebe Confort, they also produce some less expensive, less obvious items, like rain/wind covers and parasols. Their rain covers are a great way to protect your baby from the elements as you transport them between cars and buildings on unpleasant days. The benefit of a rain cover is its weight – since it’s not built in to the car seat it saves a huge amount of weight, which in turn saves your arms from becoming tired after a long day. The parasols are funky and fashionable, infused with a certain Parisian chic which you seldom find in the childcare market, thanks to the company’s French heritage. They fold down small and they’re lightweight, so they’re easy to carry around and install in case the sun should pop out and you’d like your little one to be comfortable in the shade.
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