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I am sure you can tell from my ebay name i am a complete pramaholic! I have had loads, must run into the hundreds now - every major make and model and even some of the more rarer ones too! I have now had a 2nd baby so more prams to use!!

When pregnant with her i knew i wanted to use a maxi cosi cabriofix carseat with the isofix base so i needed a pushchair that was compatible with this to make quick nips out simple. For longer walks i have a bebecar grand style pram which i adore by the way! Anyway after considering another Bugaboo cameleon or bee, my Zapp with adaptors, another quinny Buzz and many others i decided on the Loola.

I have had one before when my son was around 2.5 in Graffic lagoon design but due to my sons age and size then i only kept it for about a month, as he was really too big for it. This time i have gone for the pink colourway optic Framboise, as i have a little girl now.

 I like the way the pushchair seat is suitable from birth as it lies flat and faces you. This saves you money as you dont need to purchase the extra winadoo carrycot. I have used the seat from 1 week old and with the tecknic footmuff its fantasticly snug, even in our recent cold snap! However with the footmuff added the harness is far too short and very tight on my newborn baby with a coat on!  The hood is a good size but does make a noise when you fold/unfold it which does disturb a sleeping baby. The viewing window on the hood is a dark mesh colour and not too easy to see through.  The seat is easy to recline with one hand though. The basket has been improved since the earlier models but still not huge - however due to the style of the frame you can hang some shopping, and changing bag on the handles and it doesnt tip - or hasnt so far anyway! 

It has so far been good for the purpose i bought it - my boot pram. I leave the chassis in my car boot and use it with my maxi cosi carseat. You do have to purhcase adaptors to make it work with this carseat for £15 but in my opinion well worth it, as the carseat is excellent, the best i have used!  The pushchair is very quick and easy to fold just two buttons on the handles and pull up a handle at the back and it locks into place. It is easier to do if you lock the front swivel wheels which is also a great feature of this buggy having the locks for the wheels on the side of the frame not on the wheels themselves - no more bending for me!  It takes me seconds to fold the pushchair. The pushchair can be folded with or without the pushchair seat attached too. I find it less bulky to store without the seat attached so as two seperate peices.  To unfold just release the side locking clip, it opens out and you step on the back like you would an umbrella fold buggy and its open. 

My major niggles with the buggy though are that you can not rock your baby in it as the pushchair wont be pulled backwards. Not even a little bit. This is due to the two rear wheels pointing slightly outwards so they just bend further out of position and wont move when you pull the buggy backwards. So if you have a baby that requires a soothing rock this buggy is no good!! This means you cant bump backwards up steps either. There are 3 at my mums and tots group and it doesnt handle them well.  The other problem is that you can not steer the buggy with one hand. I have a 3 and a half year old so i cant hold his hand and push the buggy - so again if you have a toddler too then this buggy is not for you! My only other niggle is the handle height is not adjustable so if i wear heels at 5ft 6 without them i have to stoop to push it resulting in some discomfort!

Despite these issues which are annoying - for a buggy which is attractive, modern and compatible with the maxi cosi carseat i would buy it again. I personally though wouldnt use it as my everyday buggy if i walked anywhere - i have a lovely Bebecar pram for that! I dont belive it would even last me the walk to school everyday. hope this helps x

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