Bedford Horsebox back pressure and breathing

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The poor old horsebox takes some beating. It is often the most neglected piece of machinery on the farm, yet it is expected to fire up at a moments notice and reliably take you, your loved ones and a favourite horse for hundreds of miles across the country and still get you home by 8pm on Sunday ready for work the next morning. We have provided chemical repairs for engines and gearboxes and long life greases for the doors and ramps for several hundred horseboxes over the last ten years and not just Bedford. But here is a typical situation that we have encountered and were able to help with:
184 Bedford horsebox, 230,000kms  - Just thought i would get back to you after putting Ametech Restore in my 1984 Bedford horsebox with 230,000 kms on the Clock. Took it from Edinburgh to Stafford and back so did over 500 miles, had some back pressure and burned a bit of oil. I have noticed an improvement in performance and MPG, seems to run more smoothly than before. Just did a 200 mile round trip and never used a lick of oil absolutely delighted with this product, will recommend to my colleagues in the taxi trade and of course use it in my own cab as well as the horsebox. Dave Edinburgh - 11 September 2007
Well that was just the news we wanted to hear and we have since been able to supply some of Daves friends in the taxi trade in Edinburgh too. You may feel disheartened that you have a vehicle that appears to be heading for an expensive overhaul, or complete engine rebuild, just at the wrong time of the year. Inconvenient engine problems are things we hear about about all the time. Just give us a call and expect to spend 5-10 minutes on the phone with us talking about your problems. 90% of the time we can find a temporary chemical solution that often lasts half a dozen years and saves you 90% of a conventional mechanics bill !
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