Before you buy Links of London

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All Links of London has full hallmarking, not just 975. If you want to be certain what you are buying is genuine, look at the price, to start off. Then compare it with the price of the genuine article - Found at their web site. If it looks too really don't need to ask. The other thing to do is using Google, Yahoo or any other search engine, type in 'replica Links of London', and check out what is being sold from China, then go back and look at the item for sale on Ebay, chances are, if the price is really low, this is a replica that was bought from China and is being sold to you as genuine Links. They make everything from Charms, Sweetie bracelets, Friendship bracelets, you can even get the Driver mini watch charms. These are reasonable easy to spot. The real thing is set with (genuine) diamonds at 12, 3, 6 & 9, unless you are buying the white version with roman numerals, and the crown is set with a sapphire, so no-one is going to put one on with a start price of £0.99p. You can also find the packaging for sale and making a receipt is not difficult, using a computer. Links of London do not have a 'seconds' shop, so there is nowhere to buy reduced goods. Always look at the item you are thinking of buying on the Links web site, study it carefully and compare it with the photograph of the item on EBay. Ask the vendor to send you a photograph of the hallmarkings, and make a comparison. Be wary of anyone using Links web site photographs, as opposed to a picture of the actual item for sale.

Links of London shops will check out any item you have bought and confirm whether or not it is genuine, if it has been sold to you as the real thing, report the vendor to EBay.

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