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Hair extensions...


...The way of the world has turned to long straight beautiful hair but hair extensions can cost you anything from £300 for the weft or glue in options. The longest extensions i have seen were a good 36inches and let me tell you the poor woman that had them had no idea one how to look after them and two what to do with them but let them hang.

In my opinion and you may not think much of it, I would suggest buying clip in extensions to see how you cope with the length and what you can do with them.

Getting a colour match:

Ok so now you have decided that you really want extensions and hopefully youve opted for the £30 odd variety of clip ins, but getting an actual match to your hair is proving difficult. a decent supplier will often ask for a sample of your hair from the back, either this or you can opt to dye your hair the colour of the extension you wish to purchase, just remember that hair dye colours do fade with time. I personally opt for a total difference  and although i have dyed black hair and buy jet black clip ins I try to incorporate red or blonde streaks to break up the colour.

Hair type and the perfect extension:

right  so you have naturally curly hair and in case you hadn t noticed most suppliers use straight extensions, this is easily got round if you buy remi or REAL hair instead of the faux or shall we say plastic variety. Real hair extensions are really easy to transform into your natural type you can curl them colour them and do basically what you like to them. So this is an obvious choice for any one to go for.


For ease you can go straight for the semi permeant extensions fitted by a professional this can cost alot of money anything up to around £2000 depending on where you go. Just remember to shop around, go to a few different places and have FREE consultations to see how they cope with your hair and what they recommend. General rule of thumb try not to go over double the length of your own hair due to the weight of the extension, go for a company/ professional that can either show you some of their work or provide you with a good explanation of one how to look after the hair and two how its fitted.


Most of all enjoy your hair, continued use and extensions that are too long for your head to cope with can pull out your natural hair but sensible applications and a professional will be able to help you decide what is best for you as an individual.


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