Behringer BCD3000 review mp3 dj system

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Build quality:
Ok the build is good, no loose parts or rubber knobs that are easily perishable. The case is a hard plastic type & the knobs and sliders are pretty rigid too.

I used mine on  a Dell latitude D600 running XP SP2. The initial installation was pretty straightforward with all software installed etc within half and hour. The 1st attempt of use was dissapointing as no sound was coming out. I held my head in terror as i was worried i had made a big mistake! However after a bit of research reading the manual & on the net i soon discovered that if you disable your WIFI it will all of a sudden work when you restart the Traktor program. With some computers you might need to disable something else eg your cd rom drive. Its a matter of trial and error until your BCD3000 is happy running on your PC.

Traktor LE:
This is a powerful program & is well worth playing around with and when your bored, read the manual!!!! A lot of hidden features and shortcuts are all detailed in the manual so read it damn it!!!!
One thing i like is that you can search for any track in your collection, another is that you can make playlists for certain types of events eg 80s night or a drum n bass night, anything and as many as you like!!!!

On the road:
Ok my 1st gig with this unit went perfectly although the start of the night the unit was not responsing & i had to restart my PC but i got it going after 30 mins. Not ideal but at this stage i still has not discovered the full process of getting it to run problem free.
For the whole night the unit didnt let me down. I wasnt doing much proper mixing but for fading in and out it was faultless & very stable. The only downside was that the mic in put only works when both decks are not playing... How cr@p is that!!?!!??!?! So i had to use ANOTHER mixer for the use of a mic, shame as this mic input working would have saved a lot of hassle.
The next gig i did was a nightmare because it again would not respond - i tried loads of stuff and couldnt get it running. I was sweating bad as the brides mother was late to cut the wedding cake and the music was due on straight after... I read the manual and hey presto i found out what was wrong!!! The BCD3000 was not being recognised as the controller for Traktor & needed to be. The fix was an easy one, simply switcing the USB cable to another USB port. The rest of the night went well but man it was stressful. Since then i have done about 4-5 gigs and not a single problem.

Good sound quality
Very good for the money
Well Built
Looks good
ASIO (High speed) Soundcard built in
Midi controller (To control other music programs on your computer if you want )
Main out and rec out
Once configured properly its pretty straightforward

Wont work straight out of the box, you need to find out what tweeks you need to make to your pc / what to disable in order to get it running right.
When CUE is pressed it wont trigger the track to play, it prepares it, you must press it again to make it play! Quite annoying cos you cant CUT a track in (Stutter)
Phono input doesnt work on mine
Mic input doesnt work unless both decks are not playing & the sound is echoey and digitised, not good!
Scratch is ok but not good enough to even drop in a sample because the synchronisation isnt quick enough. Only good for doing a rewind or a spinback.

Thanks for reading!!!

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