Beko Tumble Dryer Model No DRVS62S Silver

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We have owned this tumble dryer for about 18 months now and purchased it from comet after doing a very comprehensive search for a good, lower energy, (well less than most and on par with the more energy efficient rivals) and not too expensive model.

It looks great against all our other silver kitchen items we own and fits in a treat in the slot against the washer, and  it has a more modern feel about it then most other tumble dryers in the current market, however,18  months on it  still works fine but the on/off button has recently (past 3 months) decided to not work properly and takes a few pushes before it clicks 'on' and occasionaly it has been known to depress itself after being turned on ( could just be our faulty model though but we found our other beko appliance buttons have the same problem too?!), it has a few different settings you can use as well as a timed setting option and high or low heat options, and it can take quite a big load capacity too (id recommend not using the sensor dry option if you overload it as it cant sense the load properly if you do) it also lets you know its finished or needs the filter cleaning by a little beeping / tune (which can be turned off if it annoys you), it seems to of been a good buy overall, as we are a big family and we do several (actually more like dozens!) of washes every week and its just as good  as when first installed (apart from the intermittent switch), im only giving this a 4/5 stars because of the button problem, had it of not been for this it would be 5/5, other than that its really good value for money, they also do this model in white too with exactly the same features.

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