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Belkin iphone case

As other reviewers have noted, the clear back is prone to scuffing. As i put the iphone into the case, the leading edge of the phone brushed up against the clear plastic and it immediately scuffed. So, Belkin is not using the best possible material for the back. it's really nice that you can now see the back of the iPhone through the back. Especially with Apple now making them in a range of different colours. .

As to the fit, this case does fit the iPhone 5 extermemly well. The rubber edges cover the chamferred edges perfectly and the details on the button overlays are very good. The plastic / rubber used for the edges is a bit on the tougher side, but it's overall pretty good. The gaps for the speakers, microphone, mute switch, and cable port are well finished as well. The one caveat with the glove like fit is that the phone is a bit difficult to take out of the case. So if you need to be able to pull the phone out of the case often, you'd probably be better served finding a different case. Although it does have an advantage as if it's dropped it won't easily fly out. 

The height of the rubber edging along the front of the screen is good also. So basically, you can leave the phone screen face down on a surface and not worry about getting scratches.

belkin have now also done a range of Lego cases really quirky an made for most of the apple range. 


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