Ben 10 alien laboratory sellers

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My son is a huge ben 10 fan and all he wants for christmas is a 'ben 10 alien laboratory'. Sadly, so does every other kid in the Uk. They sell for £24.99 in woolworths, but sadly there seems to be a group of people who have cashed in on christmas and bought as many of these things as possible, only to sell on ebay for as much as £60!! i saw one on amazon for £99.00!

You Bstrds are going to break his heart just to line your own pockets and whilst it probably wont even dent your conscience, i hope i can dent your pockets by asking everyone to not buy them off of the moneygrabbing scum on here unless they are selling them for the intended retail price.

Merry christmas, hope you sleep at night

ps  to all the people out there who are looking for one for their child- Good luck

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