Benefits of Buying Noise Cancellation Phone Headsets

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Benefits of Buying Noise Cancellation Phone Headsets

Phone headsets can provide the user with a lot of freedom and enable them to use their phone virtually anywhere. This can lead to difficulties for the user if the phone needs to be used in a situation where there is the distraction of outside noise such as traffic. Choosing a phone headset which provides noise cancellation can help to solve this problem. There are two main types of noise cancellation headsets available and the user has a choice of choosing between either active or passive noise cancellation. Each type of noise cancellation offers different benefits to the user and may be best suited to different environments and it would be wise to consider both types before choosing a noise cancellation headset to purchase.

Passive Noise Cancellation

Eliminating outside noise passively is done by the phone headset covering the ear firmly and tightly to block any outside noise and prevent it from reaching the ear. There are two different styles of phone headsets which offer passive noise cancellation.

Ear-cup Headset

This type of headset covers the ear completely with a thick and padded surround. An ear-cup headset can be very comfortable to wear because of the soft cushioning. The fact that an ear-cup headset is quite large means that it produces an effective surround sound for the ears and this can be very successful in reducing the intrusion of outside noise. An ear-cup headset is very secure, will stay in place and easy to wear. The size of an ear-cup headset does mean that it may be quite bulky to carry when travelling and it can prove to be heavy to wear for a long period of time.

Canal Bud Headset

A canal bud headset is similar in design to an ear-bud headset. The difference is that with an ear-bud headset, it just sits in the outer ear whereas with a canal bud headset each canal bud is inserted deep into the ear canal. The canal bud is shaped like an earplug and shuts out outside noise by forming a strong seal in the ear canal. The size of a canal bud headset means that it is extremely light and portable which makes it very good to use for travelling. Some people may not find it as comfortable to wear as other styles though due to the placement of the canal bud in the ear canal.

Active Noise Cancellation

Phone headsets that provide active noise cancellation come in two styles; they either fit over the ear or sit on the ear. The headsets work by creating a noise that has the effect of cancelling out the outside noise. There are tiny microphones located in the headset which record any incoming noise. The headset then creates sound waves which mimic the outside sound but which are 180 degrees out of sync with the sound waves of the outside sound. This means that the sound from the outside is inverted and it combines with the sound produced by the headset. This has the effect of both sounds cancelling each other out so that the user doesn't hear the outside noise and is able to just focus on the sound which is coming through the headset from the mobile phone. Active noise cancellation headsets work best on low consistent outside noise such as the noise from a train or from aircraft travel. Sudden loud noises will not be cut out but this can be an advantage as it ensures that the user will still have some awareness of what is going on in their surroundings. Any sound which is a higher frequency or which may change on a regular basis will not be cancelled out by the headphones as it will be impossible for the headphones to invert the sound and, therefore, cancel it out. If the noise cancellation headset fits over the ear, then this may help to reduce outside sounds such as conversations. Regular travellers will probably benefit the most from using noise cancellation headsets. A phone headset which provides active noise cancellation generally requires an additional power source from a battery but many models will also allow the headset to be used in passive mode with the noise cancellation feature switched off in order to conserve the battery.

Additional Benefit

Scientists have established that one of the factors that may contribute to the fatigue that can be caused by long distance travelling is the fact that the traveller can be continually exposed to consistent levels of low frequency noise for a long period of time. The use of a noise cancellation headset will cut the exposure to the noise and may help to reduce tiredness for travellers. Listening to high quality sound, be it music or other, may also make the journey feel as if it is not as long.

To Find Noise Cancellation Phone Headsets on eBay

There are often many types of noise cancellation phone headsets listed on eBay and it is very easy to find a list of them. The first step is to find the correct category for phone headsets. This can be found by clicking the Shop By Category link on the eBay homepage and then clicking the See all categories. The correct category for phone headsets is Mobile Phones & Communication and this can be found by scrolling through the list of categories. The correct sub category for headsets will not be visible immediately but it will be shown once the More Categories link shown under the sub category of Mobile Phones & PDA Accessories is clicked. The sub category for Headsets will show every type of phone headset, but it is easy to refine this in order to show only noise cancellation headsets. A list of sub menus will be displayed at the left side of the screen including one for Features. Clicking this will display a further sub menu which provides the opportunity to specify noise cancellation. A list of all headsets which offer noise cancellation will be then be displayed. This will include both active and passive noise cancellation. A user can also search by entering keywords into the search bar that is on every page on eBay. Typing in "noise cancellation phone headset" will fetch a list of all that are currently listed on eBay for sale.


Phone headsets which offer active noise cancellation as a feature can be useful in eliminating certain types of outside noise. Low frequency noise that is on a consistent level such as the hum from an aircraft engine or the noise of a train can be effectively cancelled out. Users should not expect every single type of noise to be cut out as the headset will be unable to deal with sudden loud noise such as crying children. A phone headset which provides passive noise cancellation such as a canal bud headset can be effective if the canal bud is inserted far enough into the ear canal to provide a secure acoustic seal, although some people may find this uncomfortable to wear. The portability of a canal bud headset makes it an attractive option for trying to reduce distracting outside noise but users should be aware of the danger of shutting out outside noise too effectively in case they become unaware of potential surrounding hazards such as traffic. Although personal choice and the situations where it is intended to use the phone headset will influence the choice of which headset to buy, a headset which provides active noise cancellation will always offer a greater amount of noise reduction than other choices. Someone who travels on a regular basis may find using a noise cancellation headset to be particularly beneficial. Visiting a retailer in order to try out some of the different types of noise cancellation headsets may help with the decision.

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