Benefits of Coconut Oil on Face - 33 Secrets Revealed

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List of Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil on your Face
There are many benefits of putting coconut oil on your face and we will go through each one by one. 

1. Helps skin to cool off from inflammation, promoting youthful skin. 

2. Helps controls wrinkles, although it will not remove wrinkles (there is another oil for that, which removed wrinkles - read next sub-heading). 

3. Soothes acne from getting to the point of painful red that some people tend to get. This is useful to have. 

4. Applying coconut oil to the face will help make scar marks or acne scars less visible. Again, this oil will not help remove them, only make them less visible. 

5. Some people say it can be used as a night cream to help stay moisturized during your sleep in cold winter months, but this does not always work well with all skin types. 

6. Soothes tight areas of the skin on the face that aren't usually visible but occur from stress. 

7. Help the skin replicate better so that scars or wrinkles are not formed as quickly as they would in a normally aging person. 

8. Help reduce appearance of Scars, especially if plenty of coconut oil is applied to the area. 

9. Calms the mind down when applied on the face. The smell and texture of coconut oil has this effect naturally compared to other oils. 
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Any better Oils for the Face than Coconut oil? If so what are its benefits?
Oils have been used for centuries to keeping a youthful skin and appearance - the most powerful oil for applying on the face is called the Immortal's Oil (found at 

This Oil is from a plant that is so rare that does not even have a name - and is simply nicknamed the immortal's oil - its only found in specific area of the world, hence the low coverage. 

Benefits of the Immortal's Oil:

1. Powerful Anti-Aging: The oil only to significantly improve wrinkles and reduce them by over 90% if combined by a good healthy diet and exercise plan - this is the only oil with the ability to smooth out surface wrinkles as well as deep tissue wrinkles which are normally almost impossible to remove or reduce. 

2. Thicker Hair on Head: The Immortal's oil, when applied on the scalp (still part of the skin, incase you were wondering) helps regenerate hair follicles and boosts hair quality over 300%. This is better than any essential oil or even coconut oils you can find - the reason for this is the method of harvest as well as the unique location in which it grows allows it to produce such properties for the human skin. 

3. Balancing Restoring Youth:  This oil is the oil that closely mimics the human skin oil, except it has a balancing nature - so with dry skin, it will help moisturize, but with oily skin, it will help balance the oils from extracting too much. 

4. Anti-Inflammatory (Most Powerful Oil): Even more powerful soothing inflammation and acne compared to the coconut oil on the face - or any other part of the body. 

5. Helps hair regrow thicker when applied to the scalp (don't worry, it won't make you grow hair in the wrong places, it simply restores the radiance of youth into your skin). 

6. Used for thousands of years in small villages, the Immortal's oil is time tested, and is protected by the Korean government from the plant being heavily extracted as it is one of the rarest plants which only grows in one area. This is why the oil is only found from one supplier who have permission to produce the oil in small quantities.

7.  Radiant Youthful Skin: The Immortals oil when applied as a night oil, just after washing your face and before bed, it intensely renews the skin deeply, reversing aging if done long term, with a diet that is healthy. 

You can get the Immortal's Oil from - it is better to order multiple quantities to save postage costs, plus they run out of this oil very often so its good to have extra. 

It is also useful to have a good diet and exercise plan when intending to keep your body as youthful and radiant as possible. And to always have some time to yourself, to relax mentally and smile. 

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