Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

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Most people have heard or seen on television many negative stories about childbirth. It is generally understood to be a time of pain and exhaustion that can often be accompanied by possibly life-threatening problems. But mothers-to-be often do not want to take drugs to help with the pain, fearing that this may adversely affect their new baby both during and after the delivery. Yet few can get through natural childbirth without taking some form of pain-killer.

But when a pregnant woman goes to hypnotherapy sessions she will find that it will reduce her need for pain killing drugs during the birth of her baby. This is far better than suffering pain for hours on end and being so exhausted in the finish that you cannot really enjoy that new little life properly until you recover. There are many benefits to having hypnotherapy for the birth or your child.

* It will change your ideas of childbirth being painful and even life-threatening. CDs that contain positive hypno-suggestions are used to re-train the way the subconscious mind thinks about childbirth. Sessions in class will concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives.

* The pain that is caused by fear and tension is eliminated; thus the need for painkilling drugs is reduced. It may be that you will not need any at all, thus ensuring your baby does not need to suffer from them either.

* Labour is often much shorter. When you do not fear the process, the muscles used in childbirth will be relaxed rather than tensed against the process.

* Because you will be so much more relaxed during stages one and two, you will have a great deal more energy both during and after the birth.

* When the woman in labour feels comfortable it makes the atmosphere more peaceful.

* Babies who present in the posterior or breech positions can be turned with hypnotherapy.

* The heart rate and blood pressure can be lowered, while nausea and hip and back pain can be eliminated.

* Labour progresses without any external aids or hindrances, making for a healthier mum and bub – complications are reduced.

* New babies sleep and nurse better due to fewer drugs in their systems.

With all these benefits it can easily be seen that undergoing hypnotherapy during your pregnancy can only be a good thing. It will make your labour seem like a dream instead of the nightmare that it often is.
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