Benefits of an on board Forklift Truck Weighing Scale.

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Forklift Truck Weighing Scale, weigh on the move with ease.

With today's current climate, nearly every business is having to look much harder at finding ways in which it can cut down on it's costs and become more efficient.

With companies that have already taken action to keep their costs at a minimum, it can be hard to see where they can go further without harming the company in the long term. Add to this the current fuel prices and rate of VAT, it is set to look as though the only option is to pass the additional costs onto the customer. However from a companies logistics and transportation point of view, we are finding more and more that they are not taking advantage of the technology that is available.

Although many see this as an unessential outlay, long-term companies can benefit greatly from the opportunity of investing in modern weighing-technology.

A typical example is the offloading of goods, whereby the goods are removed from the delivery vehicle by a forklift truck then taken to a stationary scale. Providing the scale is not already in use then the pallet of goods can be placed upon the scale. To get an exact weight, the driver removes the forklift away from the pallet then would have to walk to the scale to get a reading from the scale display. He would then take the details off the goods label and enter the information onto his or hers paperwork. Once all the required information has been collected then the driver would then return to the forklift, lift the pallet of goods from the weighing scale then proceed to the designated area for placement of the goods and hand the paperwork to the department where it would then be entered into the companies system.

Sounds very long winded doesn't it!

Now let's look at it again using a mobile scale with the added technology.

The goods are removed from the delivery vehicle by the forklift with an onboard weigher, the weight is taken during the lifting process and the barcode is scanned using the additional pda. Whilst on route to the goods placement area, the information is sent wirelessly from the on onboard scale system to the companies computer data system. All that is left to be done, is for the driver to place the goods and return for another load.

The driver still does his job but the company has made his job easier, saved time, no loss of or mistakes with paperwork and created more space by no longer needing the static scale where goods would have been weighed.

The company has therefore streamlined that process, created valuable space and become more efficient.

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