Best Buy ever -Bugaboo

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We were delighted to find out we were having our baby, we already have a three year old and had used a mothercare pram initially and then a maclaren Quest. I found the maclaren was heavy particularly when loaded with shopping and also missed the face to face contact that the first pram had offered. The bugaboo (which we bought on ebay as it is very expensive new) was amazing. The carry cot lies totally flat which is a real rarity, I felt happy that when I wasnt carrying my baby in a sling he was lying flat. When the time came to move up to the seat I loved that he could face us and have the interaction that is missed out on with most modern buggies. It is immensely easy to push and easy to push one handed whilst holding a small hand. It also faces forward. We also found it great for long walks and holidays. Our son is so comfortable in it and at nearly two I dont think we will need to buy another lightweight buggy for him now he is walking. It has a buggyboard that is compatible and is great for an older child. My only critism would be that, though it is easy to collapse it is hard to store discretely and not easy if needed to be folded down on public transport. My husband is much taller than me and we found it wasnt too difficult for him to use whereas the maclaren caused him to have to stoop. All in all I would strongly recommend this pushchair if  only for the fact that you can keep your child facing you and talking constantly.   
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