Best DVD boxsets to buy for teenage girls!

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Stuck for gift ideas for someone in their late teens/early twenties? These will blow them away!

10: Supernatural ~ a good choice for both boys and girls as the girls have the eye candy of Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles while the boys will be held by the suspense and action!

9: Pretty Little Liars ~ definitely a one for the ladies, a drama with a twist of murder and excellent fashion sense. Ladies who fight crime while maintaining a designer wardrobe, what more could you want.

8: 90210 ~ High school drama of the rich and semi- famous? I'm in!

7: Gossip Girl ~ the dramas of the lives of the social elite, filled with the romances and tribulations of the upper east side with a city backdrop and the slums of Brooklyn, definitely worth a viewing.

6: Gilmore Girls ~ Feel good drama set in an idyllic town, family drama and new romances fill the lives of a mother and daughter combo, combined with sarcasm and a never ending supply of caffeine!

5: The Big Bang Theory ~ venture into the lives of geeky scientists and their hot next door neighbor Penny, a hilarious watch with an unexected side of gooey romance.

4: 8 Simple Rules ~ A hearty comedy following a family with two teenage daughters and a fathers attempt to maintain his sanity while raising them.

3: Modern Family ~ Absolutely hilarious family show, following the lives of a large dysfunctional family dealing with issues ranging from gay adoption right too remarriage in a hilarious way.

2: The OC ~ Set in Newport and following the lives of four privileged teenagers, this drama is filled with love, drama, and plenty of heartbreak, you will laugh and cry along!

1: One Tree Hill ~ A totally timeless teenage drama, the issues in this show will always be relevant to those watching, its hard not to fall in love with the characters of this town and grow along with them, by far the best teenage drama of all time!
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