Best Fitness Wearables and Trackers to Motivate Your 2016

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Another year, another chance to finally seize the day and become that fitter, healthier you. Whether you're out to make sure you’re not carrying that festive weight into February or you just want to get more active, the good news is that there’s plenty of fitness trackers, like the Jawbone UP, smartwatches and gym wearables that can help you get in shape. And some of these might even save you shelling out for an expensive gym membership.

From getting into running, bulking up the guns for the summer, or just hoping to keep a closer eye on calorie burn, we asked the fitness tech experts at to  give us their best new fitness gadgets to look out for in 2016. And if you can't wait until this latest kit hits they shelves they've given us their tips for bargains you can pick up right now.
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1. UA HealthBox

Under Armour and HTC has teamed up for a fitness platform, which includes a fitness band, smart scale and heart rate chest strap that all play nice with each other. They might not sound so groundbreaking individually, but you can send data from the UA Band to your smart scale and even view heart rate zones on the wrist-based tracker when you’ve slapped the heart rate monitor onto your chest. It's the start of a trend to a more holistic approach to wellbeing.

Can't Wait? Next Best Tracker You Can Buy Now: Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Aria Scales

The HealthBox is launching in January in the US and not until June in the UK. So if you can’t wait until then, you can always try out the Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker, which has a heart rate monitor built in, alongside Fitbit Aria smart scales. It’ll do largely the same job, letting you share data between the two via the Fitbit app and you can get both of them right now.
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2. Misfit Specter

If you’ve not heard the term hearables, well, it’s going to be a big deal in 2016. Instead of tracking from your wrist, the Specter moves it up to the ears, where you’ll be able to get the same fitness tracking benefits as the rest of the Misfit family to monitor daily and nightly activity. "Night?" we hear you say in disbelief. Yes, they’ve even been designed to wear comfortably when it’s time to hit the hay.

Can't Wait? Here's the Next Best Tracker You Can Buy Now:   Jabra Pulse 

There’s no news on a release date for the Specter just yet, but if you want to track biometric data from your ears, the Jabra Pulse have a built-in heart rate monitor letting you measure workout intensity, whether you’re going out for a run or a long bike ride.
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3. Fossil Q54 Pilot

If you like a more subtle approach to fitness tracking, the Q54 Pilot is the latest watch with smart powers from Fossil’s new Q range. With an aviation inspired design, the Pilot packs motion sensors to deliver basic activity tracking like counting steps and distance. It does of course work like a smartwatch as well thanks to the built-in vibration motor and LED light array giving you nudge when someone is trying to interrupt your gym session with some proper LOLs.

Can't Wait? Here's the Next Best Tracker You Can Buy Now:  Withings Activite Pop

The Pilot is not out until the Spring, but you can get your wrist on a similarly sleek piece of gear masquerading as a smartwatch. The Swiss-made Activite Pop, retains the same stylish charm with a luxurious design and can track your exercise with a dedicated swimming mode included to track your pool action.
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4. Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 Connected

Not everyone likes wearing something around their wrist when working out, so the Under Armour Gemini 2 running shoes take that fuss out of the equation. These runners are equipped with motion sensors to track metrics like stride length and cadence and have a run mode that automatically knows when you’re picking up the pace. The battery lasts as long as a normal pair of running shoes, so there’s no need to plug them into a charger at all.

Can't Wait? Here's the Next Best Tracker You Can Buy Now: Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Nike+ Footpod Sensor

Having a sensor embedded into the trainer is pretty unique, but there is a way to get a similar experience. The Nike+ footpod sensor, which can be worn inside the sole of many Nike trainers like the Odyssey, or on the laces of any trainers, can serve up accurate running data, which can be relayed back to the Nike+ Running smartphone app.
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5. Fitbit Blaze

The biggest wearable company on the planet has launched its most stylish addition yet and it’s calling it a 'smart fitness watch'. The Blaze is fully customisable letting you not only swap out straps but opt for a more luxurious frame. It’s the first Fitbit to get a colour touchscreen display and has all the great features of previous Fitbits including a new mode to view workouts step-by-step on your watch.

Can't Wait? Here's the Next Best Tracker You Can Buy Now:  Pebble Time Steel 

The Fitbit Blaze doesn’t start shipping until March, so a fitting replacement could be the Pebble Time Steel. Unlike the Blaze, the smartwatch is waterproof and offers an impressive 10 days of battery life. There’s a colour screen as well, although it uses different display technology and now supports Pebble Health, to give it a more fitness-friendly feel.
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6. OMSignal Bra

A lot of the early examples of smart clothing we’ve seen so far have been very male-focused, so it’s time for the ladies to join the party and OMSignal believes it’s smart bra is the kit you need to work out with. The sensor-packed garment will let you track heart rate and breathing rate and will tell you how much rest to take before the next workout. But it’s just not about the tech here. OMSignal has also focused on areas of the design to make it more comfortable including using lighter, more stretchable fabric and wider straps for more comfortable fit.

Can't Wait? Here's the Next Best Tracker You Can Buy Now:  Women’s Armour Mid Sports Bra

While you'll have to live without the tracking smarts, Under Armour compression sports bra gives you everything else you need for an irritation-free workout. It has a racerback design to accommodate a full range of motion, a moisture transport system to fend off sweat and uses HeatGear fabric to ensure a comfortable fit.
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