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With the new feature Best offer that was introduced by ebay a lot of sellers and buyers may want more information on how to use this.

  • Firstly Best offer is available with Shop and Fixed Format (BIN) listings.
  • A Best Offer is only active for a maximum of 48 hours (less if the item closes before the deadline)
  • The seller doesn't have to accept any Best offers
  • A Best Offer can be Accepted, Declined or Expired.

If a Best Offer has been accepted then the item will close (or on a multiple item be reduced) and the buyer will have 'won' the item at the reduced price. Postage will be as per the original auction unless the buyer has put additional T&C in their offer as by accepting the offer they are accepting the buyer's T&Cs.

If an offer has been declined then the seller probably feels that the offer price was too low or perhaps any additional T&Cs were onerous. In some categories the buyer may have the opportunity to put in another Offer but in the majority of categories it is 1 Offer per item.

If an offer has expired then the seller didn't respond to the offer within the 48 hours, this means that the seller is not obligated to sell the item at the offer price.

You will find more luck with Best Offers if you research a product and its selling price ie if an item is listed at £50 and regularly sells at £30-£40 and you put in an offer of £2.5 don't be suprised if the seller rejects it.

Many sellers will take offers that are approximately 66% and above of the original item price. Remember a lot of sellers are businesses and will have other channels to sell their items so won't accept offers that give them no profit after all they have to pay Tax (VAT in some cases), Ebay and Paypal fees and other overheads.

Lastly do not wait until the last minute to offer a Best Offer - sellers are not at their PCs 24/7 and if you wait until the last minute you could lose out on getting the item at a great price (especially with ebay's unreliability with Page Not Responding in recent months)

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