Best Offers

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Having just read about best offers I find I do not understand some of the goings on.  I have in the past made best offers my self. Some of these have been readily accepted and some are sprat to catch a mackerel because there is no best offer. I would suggest to those that place best offers to ensure that the offer being made is a worthwhile offer. I have bought things marked up at £6.00 by offering £4.50 and this has automatically been accepted. Now this to me is what a best offer is all about.  Other things that have been marked up at £7.99 by offering £6.00 not accepted £6.50 not accepted £7.00 not accepted, what is the point of this type of offer. It seems to me it is wasting everyone time, why not just sell it for £7.25. Surely if you put something up for best offer you have must have a reason for doing so. Therefore you must be willing to take a reasonable hit on the item of, say a £20.00 item you'd be willing to sell at £15.00 =25% most things have a mark up of at least 33 to 50+%. Surely it is better to sell 2 or 3 of something at £15.00 than possibly none at £20.00???  This must be better than a lot of haggling over a couple of quid. The person I bought the things from that went from £6.00 to £4.50 I bought 4 of those items instead of just the one. The person with the £7.99 item I did not buy anything. The morel of the store is if your going make a best offer then make it worth the putters while.    
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