Best Scented Candles to Buy

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Best Scented Candles to Buy

Scents are believed to affect people’s moods. Candles with pleasant or potent scents may help improve emotional well-being and state of mind. As the wax of a lighted candle melts, the molecules of the fragrance oil are diffused into the surrounding air, enveloping the environment with its exquisite scent. A wonderful bouquet of scents can help a person unwind after a long, stressful day.

About Scented Candles

Scientific processes are involved in the production of scented candles. Optimal conditions must be created for the candle wax, the wick and the fragrance oil to work in synergy to produce a long-lasting scent with the best “throw”. Using the right proportions of colour, additives, and fragrance oil at just the right temperature also determines how the finished product turns out. It’s also important to allow a few days for the candle to “cure” for the fragrance to settle in. There are various wax formulations and blends, but the majority of them have a 5-12 per cent retention ratio for the fragrance oil. This figure refers to the maximum quantity of fragrance a wax is capable of absorbing without losing its stability. Beyond this threshold, the candle will not be safe to burn or not burn at all. Scented candle lovers are presented with myriad choices of fragrances. Some fragrances are made by companies specialising in the creation of fragrance oils. Other scents are concoctions of a variety of blends produced in-house by candle makers. Fragrance strengths or concentrations come in various ratios. Each fragrance oil also has its own viscosity or density, and this is the reason why fragrances are more accurately measured by volume, not by weight. For example, a pound of apple fragrance oil may have a higher volume than a “cake bake” scented oil of equal weight.

Aromatherapy Candles

Not only do aromatherapy candles freshen the air in a room, they are also claimed to have therapeutic benefits as well. The candle waxes in aromatherapy candles are infused with fragrance oils extracted from aromatic plants. The essences of some botanical species are alleged to uplift people’s moods, while other species have calming effects. Aromatherapy practitioners prescribe particular plant-derived fragrances for patients, based on their alleged medicinal or therapeutic properties. Their fragrance oils are mixed in with candle waxes, and proponents of scented candles swear by their efficacy. The potency of favourite scents is often attested to, although individual results may vary. It may well be the placebo effect, and the power of autosuggestion makes a scented candle work wonders. There’s a candle scent for every mood and situation. People associate certain scents with life experiences. A scent may remind them of a certain person or incident in the past, such that the same scent will bring out different reactions per individual. The following table gives a roundup of some aromatic plants and their alleged associated benefits.

Plant Extract

Scent / Alleged Therapeutic Property




Soothing, relaxing


Strong, sweet floral scent has a relaxing effect


Stimulating, uplifting


Uplifting and refreshing

Citrus fruits (lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange) Verbena

Enhances energy, motivating Clean, deodorising effect Boosts mood


Sweet and woody scent All-purpose mood pick-upper


Helps relieve respiratory problems


Invigorating, stimulating


Can both relax and uplift emotions


Sweet fragrance gives pleasure to the senses


Refreshing, calming


Sweet, warm scent is invigorating


Calming, soothing, relaxing




Scented Candles in the Bathroom

Some people use scented candles in the bathroom to neutralise unpleasant odours. For other individuals, scented candles are part of the personalised and relaxing bath spa experience. When choosing scented candles for bathroom use, keep in mind that strong fragrances can be overwhelming for a small space with limited ventilation. Don’t go to the extreme with powerful odour neutralisers, since their heady scent may trigger headaches and allergies. Pick lighter, refreshing fragrances along the lines of rain shower, ocean breeze, or fresh linen. Avoid using multiple candles or mixing scents because their combined fragrances can be overpowering as well. A single candle or a pair of same-scented candles will suffice for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms. If there’s a need for more candles in larger bathrooms, put them to the sniff tolerance test by adding one candle at a time. Candles also serve as décorative accessories, so less may actually be more to achieve a clean, uncluttered look in a bathroom.

His and Her Scented Candles

Many of the scented candles appeal to the feminine senses, with fragrances of floral bouquets, tropical paradise, spa, and aromatherapy. However, some scented candles are special creations of the masculine variety. Woody, herbal, or forest scents may be suitable for that whiff of machismo. Some men may prefer a crisp, clean scent to neutralise stale smells and freshen up a bachelor’s pad, den, study, office, or other male enclaves. Scented candles may be used to get rid of sweaty odours or cigarette smoke in the man-cave. Interestingly, there are actually candles made to simulate the fragrant aroma of tobacco. The infused blend of tobacco and patchouli exudes a woody, smoky odour that’s definitely manly. A variety of scent options are available such as fresh linen, rain forest or sea breeze that are equally appropriate for male and female domains. Fruity scents, such as citrus, apple, mango, berry or cherry, and food-inspired aromas, such as apple pie, cinnamon, or chocolate, may be appreciated by both men and women. Men and women with more sophisticated tastes may want to try candles with layered scents. As these candles are burned, there’s a smooth transition from one layer to the next. The scents harmonise with each other, so that each layer flows and blends subtly with the others.

Scents of the Season

Nature’s scents cycle through their seasons. Their fragrances are welcomed with anticipation at particular times of the year. There are candle scents that define not only the seasons of nature but also the special events and holidays all year round. Pumpkin spice scented candles are associated with autumn and Halloween. Cucumber melon or rain showers evoke the scents of spring. Freshly cut grass, lemon, or watermelon scents are reminiscent of the delicious fragrance of summer. Mixed smokey and woodsy odours of birch, amber, and cedar bring remembrances of summer camp evenings around a bonfire. Apple pie and cinnamon may call to mind baked treats during the Christmas season. Berry, pine, and hot chocolate scents make winter more cosy and toasty.

Blending Scents

It is possible to create a personalised bouquet of scents by mixing two or several aromas. This is a matter of individual preference, although too much of a good thing can be overpowering. Some candle manufacturers recommend simultaneously burning a couple of scented candles for optimal outcomes. Fragrance experts match pairs for their complementary scents and synergistic effect. Smells of mint, citrus, and pine are associated with clean rooms and fresh breezes. A trio combo of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove may stimulate appetite, as their scents evoke delicious baked treats and hearty home-cooked meals. Sandalwood, eucalyptus, peppermint, and geranium are all-purpose scents that promote general well-being. The sweet, warm aroma of frankincense blends with the soothing notes of lavender. Chamomile is a suitable complement to geranium, bergamot, and lavender. Patchouli’s musky scent, along with vanilla and sandalwood comprise a fabulous fusion to enhance one’s mood. Lemon, peppermint, and rosemary make a delightfully refreshing combination to stimulate the senses.

Long-Lasting Scented Candles

Established candle makers are well-known for making scented candles with fragrances that sweetly linger in the air after the candles are snuffed out. The notes of the scents remain down to the candle stubs. High-end scented candles may be a bit pricier at first glance. However, considering their longer burn times and lasting fragrance, they may actually be more cost-effective. Scented candles do have a maximum shelf life, so don’t reserve them indefinitely for that special occasion. Their scent will fade away over time, so enjoy them at their prime.

Find Scented Candles on eBay

For general browsing, type the keywords scented candles into the search field of the eBay homepage. Choose the category, for example, Home Decor or Celebrations & Occasions. Refine the search by personal preference, for example, by type of candle and candle wax. Scroll down the results page to pick the scents of choice. Click the Choose more... link to bring up the pop-up window of scent selections. To survey a listing of scented candles for a special occasion or holiday, enter the specific keywords, such as Christmas scented candles. Scented candle enthusiasts usually have their favourite brands and scents. Shoppers who want to try a few recommendations from their friends can click the Brand dropdown menu and Choose more... to reveal the list of brands sold on eBay.


Scented candles are made for romantic, practical, or therapeutic purposes. They bring a whiff of fresh air to any room. The fragrances of high-quality candles may even be inspired by perfumes. Top notes and subtle scents are blended masterfully to create delicately poetic concoctions. When browsing candle descriptions, it is possible to encounter one with the scent of a summer English garden after a rain shower or some other elegantly evocative phrasing. Whatever the requirements, it is always possible find a candle with just the right scent to suit the respective sensibilities.

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