Best Vinyl Record Cleaner Solution CLEAR GROOVE

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CLEAR GROOVE  - Record Cleaner Fluid

Clear Groove Record Cleaning Fluid contains unique special ingredients that deeply penetrate, removing dirt, dust, grease & grime from the grooves of your records whilst putting the shine back into them!  The fluid also contains properties that actively reduce static.

Advantages of Clear Groove over other products:

- Highly Effective Unique Formula (specially developed)

- Made with the finest quality, Purified chemicals (other cleaners can contain impurities & additives that inhibit cleaning power and leave more of a residue behind)

- 250ml Bottle (some other products contain as little as 30ml)

- Large cleaning cloth (not a tiny thin one that will need throwing away after a couple of uses!)

- Anti-static

- Easy Spray on Aplicator

Also great results on all manner of other items such as: CD's, LCD TV's, Laptop Screens, Glass etc....

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