Best body butters

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The Body Shop body butter

~~The best body butters I have used for last some years are from 'The Body Shop'. I cannot resist buying them in bulk when sale is going on and to save some money, I sell few of them on eBay. The next body butter I am going to sell is Almond Body Butter which I bought in sale and can assure you that if you want silky smooth beautiful skin then definitely try it! I have tried the most expensive ones and the cheapest ones but found some flaws in each of them. They are either too harsh for skin or can be totally useless. There are too many body moisturizers available in the market however they can be less effective sometimes. If you have extremely dry skin then you have to find intensive moisturiser. Some products claim they provide intensive moisturising but just after an hour or two, skin becomes dry again so you have to reapply them. The Body Shop body butters provide long time moisturising and are natural so perfect for people with sensitive skin. The best part is that it can be used by whole family. It keeps your budget sensible too because most of the year, The Body Shop keeps selling them on either sale or discounted.
Body Shop Almond Body Butter
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Body Shop Almond Body Butter

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