Best hand creams for 40 plus women by S. Hutton

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My experience of buying hand creams for daily use has led me to these buying recommendations. My all time favourite is Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment but would happily have all 5 in these locations: handbag, bathroom/kitchen, office drawer, car, and bedside table!!
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1. Clarins - Hand and Nail Treatment (RRP £21)

This is my all time favourite. It makes my hands youthful looking, hydrates superbly and gives a long lasting protection. Natural ingredients include sesame oil and Japanese Mulbery. It's very good vlaue for money.

2. Aveda Hand Relief (RRP £19.50)

Another excellent handcream with natural ingredients including liquorice and with vitamins A & D. It moisturises even the most chapped hands and is an effective anti-aging cream. There are other products available in the range.

3. Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (RRP £14)

This is when you need the bigs guns to sort winter dried and sore hands with really quick results. This isn't an everyday handcream but can be used as a protector if you are going to be outside gardening or participating in sports. It has a medicinal smell which is rather comforting when you are looking for a real result with sore, chapped hands. A great one if you have children who don't like wearing gloves but suffer as a result. Keu ingredients are avodaco and sesame oils.

4. Plain Old Coconut Oil (prices vary)

A great all rounder and useful for dry hands too. Especially good applied at night as it is oily. Leaves a gorgeous sheen and works well on cuticles.

5. Aveeno Hand Cream (RRP £3-4)

With the trademark colloidal oatmeal Aveeno products have long been the choice for people with ezcema and this hand cream has the hallmarks of this heritage brand. Excellent value for money.
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