Best instructions to fight viruses and spyware

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Like if this guide is helpful
These instructions helped me so much I just want to tell all novices that there is hope.

I had regularly problems with viruses and spyware and every time I had to pay for somebody to come in to get rid of all this stuff and these computer geeks are really expensive.
But since I bought the guide "How to remove viruses and spyware for beginners" from wernertech they won't see a penny from me anymore.

I though in the beginning that 56 year old women like me can not learn things like this anymore but I was totally wrong!

The instructions are written in easy steps and in a way that you even learn to get confident with your computer.

Since I finished the tutorial I never had any trouble with viruses anymore.
This really saved me a hell of money.

Thanks that there are people on ebay who aren't greedy and show that they really like to help.

Highly recommended

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