Best postal scales for ebay. New uk postal charges!

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Only one set of scales recommended for ebay posting!

Visit  www.  for independent verification then search ebay for spelling mistakes at! and as a matter of interest if your thinking of buying postal scales read this go to www. and read the review of scales and if your lucky you can try a search on ebay  for UTRASHIP for a nice surprise!

With banding pricing for uk postage its important to weigh your items accurately to avoid wasting money, the post office will give you a leaflet of postal charges or visit their website at the link below and print a copy remember 5 extra grammes of packing can cost you pounds beware!


Royal Mail will soon introduce volume postal charging along with cost by weight.Please visit www. royalmail .com and click on the 21st august link at bottom of their page to see how it will affect you!

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