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I have been a victim of buying fake MAC on EBay. Its not nice as you do waste a lot of money, when the ideal intention was to save money as some people sell the items really cheap.
1. Check the sellers review. Even if one person out of 100 says it fake, be mindful that you can be the 2nd in 100 that ends up with the fake.
2. Look at the pictures. If there is only the one photo, which is blurred or what MAC uses on their website, query this. Email the seller for more photos. This will give you an idea of what the product you are buying actually looks like.

3. Ask the seller where did they purchase the product from. Sellers who say that it came from a warehouse or stock that has been left over in my opinion tend to be fakes. Genuine people usually sell products that don't match the skin colour or want to get rid of something they have never worn are most like to be genuine.
4. Actually go to MAC store and see what a genuine items looks like that way you know if you have been scammed.
If in any case you have been dubbed with a fake - REPORT the seller. I in the past have bout 3 items that have been a fake and it has really dishearten me. So please be aware of the fakes. 

Genuine Mac lipstick - twig
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Genuine Mac lipstick - twig


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