Best things that Sell on Ebay with High Profit Margins and Sales

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The best things that sell on eBay which fulfill the following requirements below, are usually very hard to find as you do not really know what source to trust, and how to get about sourcing the products that actually are worthwhile sourcing: 

- High Profit Margin
- High Sales Volume
- Decent Postage Costs (and non-hassle shipping)

So what are the best things that sell on eBay, with high profits and high sales?

To name a few, electronics like Laptops, Mobile phones and DVDs are one of the highest profit margin and highest selling items on all eBay sites, US, UK and even Australia and Asia! They are ideal if you have the product sourced at a price that fits your profit margin ratio. 

There are other fast selling items with low profit margins that also are good to sell, but it is better to keep such things as digital products; as all you have to do is really prepare the service and provide this to them via a link or attachment (such as art work, hypnosis audio, web hosting, ebooks and so on) - the disadvantage for that is that if the buyer is not happy, you might have to refund them, as Paypal does not have seller protection for digital items (for sellers and buyers) - as far as I am aware at the time of writing this. 

What about Sourcing the best sellers? How do you find such products?
Its not always easy to source products, but there are a few online sources where you can buy, and then sell directly to eBay for a profit, and they are as follows: - They are a worldwide website that started off in the UK, but now deliver wordwide (although you may face high Taxes if you are located outside the EU, but there are legal ways around it if you email them). They used to have another domain before which I am not aware of, and had been selling wholesale laptops for years - they do not have a high minimum quantity, and provide you with the latest laptops at wholesale prices. 

You don't have to be a registered business to buy from them, which allows anyone wanting to earn extra cash on the side, to order from them directly - but be careful on not breaking your local country laws, and be sure to file for your income taxes if you exceed your threshold for selling. 

eSources - This company is probably one of the oldest for providing a list of wholesale sources for all kinds of products, including electronics. I am not sure if i ever saw DVDs being sold, but if you do, you are lucky, as they are very hard to source, and you usually need contacts with the main companies to be able to resell them. 

The video below explains some things about what the best selling items on eBay are, and their sources: 

When you have gone through each source, you need to think on what kind of budge you have to invest, and how will you manage your messages, as you will get a lot of customer emails from users looking to confirm certain features of whatever your selling. So be sure to have a fast response rate as eBay buyers are not very patient when buying electronics. 

Anything I left out?

Another way to find bets selling items is by looking at various niche markets - for example, within the plants niche market, there may be a type that sells very fast. Bonsai tree's for example, are not very fast selling, but if targeted right, can be great - for example, people searching for valentines day gifts, you can include the words valentine or christmas gift within your listing to sell your item to people looking for such ideas - many ways to be creative with increasing your niche market sales too!

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