Bestway Lay-z-Spa

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Bought the Bestway Lay-z-Spa about 3 years ago when they were a bit more expensive (£300). Had a brilliant time in it, the kids loved it and it was great relaxing in the warm water after work. The pump gave up heating after about 15 months but I knew this was likely to happen after reading the reviews before purchase. Stripped the pump/heater/filter/blower unit down but the heating element was bust so decided to pay the £150 for a replacement unit rather than faffing about fitting a replacement element which I didn't know would work anyway. The pump arrived but didn't work at all!! I phoned Direct Aftersales and they asked me to send only the cap back and sent another whole pump to me very promptly. Another 10 months later and the 3rd pump has given up - luckily within the warranty period so back goes the cap (small water sealing cap to ensure the "old" pump is of no use to the owner) and here comes the replacement (hopefully). I know it's a bit of a pain sending the pump back and having to buy another but if you put this in perspective: A new proper spa would set you back a few thousand pounds - the Lay-z-Spa costs about £250. An annual service for a "proper" spa is around £300 - you can get a whole new pump/heater/bubble/inflater/filter unit for £150 for the Lay-z-Spa. We've had so much fun in it that I just plan to buy a pump every year and cost that in as running costs. If it lasts under a year - great it's covered with the warranty, if not then tough, buy another pump! Great low cost fun, even if it breaks occasionally :o)
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