Better Balloons

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Better Balloon Decor

A Guide for getting the most out of your Air or helium filled foil and latex balloon creations

If you think that blowing a balloon up is easy you are absolutely correct.  If you think that decorating a hall is easy you are also completely correct.  But it's also very easy to do it badly.  Do you want your day remebered for the wrong or the right reasons?

1.  Make sure you purchase the best quality balloons you can and overestimate what you need running short on one or two balloons is not only frustrating but can ruin the whole look.

2.  Like everything else names matter so you should be looking for Qualatex and Amscan or Anagram for top quality.  Stinting on a couple of pence per balloon really is not worth it in the long run.

3.  Prepare well in advance - fail to prepare - prepare to fail!
You will make a better job of anything if you plan properly

4.  Learn float times, lower grades of helium quality balloons do not float for very long so by buying quality you have around 12 - 18 hours, others don't.  Helium filled latex must be done on the day of the function, somake sur eyou have time and if not book a professional, look for CBA or other qualifications and insurance or Nabas membership.

5.  Buy everything well in advance - there is no point getting half the products you need and falling apart at the last hurdle, the post is notoriously unreliable and you can't use things you haven't got!

6.  When air filling overinflate and let down to the correct size (use a template to get professional results) so you have easier balloons to work with - otherwise overinflated and stretched to their capacity they can burst.

7.  Try to get training in whatever you need long before the event then you are confident of what you can achieve in the time frame.

8.  Helium filled balloons need proper weights - make sure yours are capable of holding everything they need to before you start inflating them all.  Venues do not like water bombs or boxes filled with pebbles and if you want to make a living using the venues time and again you need to be professional about it - there are loads of top quality purpose made weights out there.

9.  Helium has gone up so much in the past year so make sure you book yours in advance and if you need to shown how to use it ask!

10.  If in doubt you should always ask a professional.  If your seller is a professional balloon person they will happily help you with your event.  If not find one who will.

Have fun - balloons are fabulous to work with and transform every event.  Amanda Hill CBA


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