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Just a little heads up...when you list a computer game....seems to be mainly rare playstation 1 games


if you get offered sumthing like £3,£4,or £5 for them on the premise that u offer The item as an ended auction...where they are the winner....DO NOT  SELL THEM IT FOR THIS PRICE.....99% OF THE TIME I HAVE NOTICED THE SAME PEOPLE ARE SELLING IT AT A LATER DATE FOR THE FULL VALUE.

On my friends account sum1 (Melissa Mavin) offered him £4 for blood omen legacy of kain giving a story about how their child wanted it for their birthday (yeah and im A Transgenderfied Turtle)but sum ppl who do this are genuinely after the game for these reasons....but the same seller sold Blood omen for £25.00 as a buy it now

Just a little warning dead obvious but if you get one of these emails decline the offer

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