Beware Are you bidding for a Digital or Real photograph

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Beware! Are you bidding for a Digital or a Real photograph! Can you tell the difference, read that description again. Home digital prints can change colour or fade in a very short time, whatever they may say about the paper used. Many sellers (not just on eBay) attempt to sell all sorts of photographs that they have made on inkjet printers, maybe through using a new scanner recently bought! Real photographs made through high street or postal services are printed using high quality chemcial processes or latest laser equipment, such as Boots and Jessops. The other original format either used by professionals or those with a home darkroom, is the professional in-house or commercial hand-print process again with bottled or machine fed fluids. Any other prints, generally offered like posters laminated for whatever excuse in the blurb, is going to be a digital print from an inkjet or in some cases a colour laser like you find at copy shops. When the digital image is printed and laminated by these sellers you cannot feel the paper quality or see if it was glossy printing paper originally either. My buyer beware thought is, compare inkjet prints that have a very short life span, against those 'real' photos. True those laminated will last longer and may well not lose the image quality as quick like those without laminating, but everyone knows that all printing even real photos are not everlasting in bright light or in direct sunlight. Your digital camera shots, for long lasting are best printed as you would with 35mm or that brieft APS format, through the high street shop camera multi chip readers. On personal experience, laminated photos are not what they seem, and was easily mislead the first and only time. Read the description VERY carefully, asking the question 'is this a real print or digitally processed.' Real print as in commercially produced or has it been created on home digital equipment! All real photo processed prints have many details stamped on the rear by the machine except for hand printing which are usually copyright stamped like those from Newspaper teams or libraries. Beware of prints proporting to come with the copyright too! Copyright is not something that can be purchased, it stays with the name of the originiator of the image 70 years after them passing away, not the date of taking. Negatives with signed assignments are the nearest genuine guarrantee of useage rights. One final thought, a friend bought some nice looking locomotive prints only to find they went green in colour two weeks later!

Gordon Dinnage Dinnages Transport/Picture Publishing

Trading since 1989

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