Beware 'Boden' Buyers...

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I couldn't believe my luck when found yet another one of my favourite brand names 'Boden' selling on Ebay. I became hooked on Ebay, searching for bootcut jeans and beautiful Boden skirts and tops and bid frantically for a lovely chocolate brown top with velvet edging. I was finally rewarded for my efforts when I won the item for about £9.00. With postage and packing the total came to about £11.00 and I very pleased with myself for bagging such a great bargain. However, my excitement and self-gratulation lasted only until I opened the package and found to my utter dismay that the top was not in the VGC that the seller had described it as. The top had been very well worn and it certainly showed. There was no-way that it was worth more than about £2.00 in it's current state. I mulled it over for a few days resigned to the fact that I had been dealt a bad hand but then my principles got the better of me. I decided to ask for a refund after re-reading the sellers description which was inaccurate. So, I sent the seller a polite note saying that I found the item less than in very good condition as she had described. I waited and waited but no reply came. After a few days, I sent another email and another the next day, determined to get some response. Finally, my reply came and it was rude and obnoxious. I was more than a little taken aback by the verbal assault that leapt from the page. The seller was furious that I had the nerve to question the quality of her item, saying that she had 100% feedback which proved her status as a bona-fide honest seller. To cut a long very long and boring Ebay saga short, I finally got tired of the sellers 'Blue' emails and opened a dispute against her. I also sent her an email telling her that I would expose her for being a complete nutter if she didn't stop sending me emails laden with obscenities. A day later, I received a crisp ten-pound bank note in the post. I think she finally got the message to refund my money. I had no idea how affected I was by the emails that this woman sent to me. At the height of my anxiety I realised that she could became quite nasty because she had my contact details. It did put me off Ebay for a while but now I am much more careful. The warning is obvious, there are plenty of nutters out there and people get nasty where money is concerned. Descriptions of items on Ebay will vary, one person's description could be very different to another person's.
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