Beware Buyer, plucio10188

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ebay member plucio10188 was the winning bidder on 1 of my items, after ignoring my invoice and no response to complete checkout process, he contacted me seven days later to ask if I could send item second class instead of first class which was the option I had listed. He stated that he wanted to reduce the postage costs, it actually worked out at ONLY 31p cheaper using second class and I asked if it was really worth it.

 Having received no reply and as payment was made thru paypal I decided to complete transaction and duly posted it second class a few days later, albeit with an alarm bell ringing, anyway, surprise surprise, with no communication from this buyer, I found a buyer dispute claim  for non receipt when I accessed my paypal account. As usual with paypal, unless the seller provides a tracking number ( which isnt applicable when item is sent ordinary second class, or first class) paypal takes the side of the buyer, even though I had proof of posting, which isnt worth the paper it,s written on, paypal automatically refunds buyer.

My item was clearly addressed and had my return address on the reverse, it has NOT been returned and this buyer plucio10188 just did a non receipt scam and to add insult to injury, I am unable to leave negative feedback to warn others about this unscrupulous buyer.

Paypal does not let the seller communicate with the buyer anymore in the dispute process, so Sellers are given the options of refunding immediately or providing tracking numbers.

Paypal is the fraudelent  Buyers friend!!!!!!!!!!!

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