Beware Fake Beswick's RARE colourway's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There have recently been quite a few Rare colorways in Beswick horses  . The above picture shows the corect 818

 Whilst many may be genuine there are an increasing amount of fakes going through the auctions and ultimately being listed on e-bay, e-bay do intercept and remove /investigate a reported item , and have done so in the past.

Model 818 shire horse mare is prone to being tampered with and people are suspicious of any  of the more exotic color ways as substantial prices are asked, fair for correct models, but sickening if you were to be conned!

Some 'potteries' have found how to remove the origional colour and repaint in rare colorways.

So in piebald and skewbald you need to look out for:

1. The colour patch should be on the Outside the right front leg

2. the colour should extend and incorporate the right eye

3. All models have yellow ribbons except in the Black BCC model which hass blue & yellow

4 the Dressed series horses only in Brown & Grey gloss with quality well fitting harness

several 'Harnessed' models are appearing , with harnesses from other models such as Melba ware, and therefore fit incorrectly ,simply don't look right.

It is reasonable to assume other animals from the Beswick 'stable', such as dogs, cats cattle etc are being 'cosmetically enhanced' and fraudulently sold as rare.

Please be vigilant - don't be fooled!

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