Beware Krugerrand South Africa Mini Gold Coins Scams

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Krugerrand South Africa Mini Gold Coin

What's wrong with this eBay listing?
Well, to start with, 5 out of the 6 words in the title are wrong, inaccurate, misleading, and dishonest.

The item in not:
1)  A Krugerrand
2&3) South African
4) Gold
5) A Coin

However it does seem to be "mini".

To be fair to the seller, he does "come clean" slightly in the item description, which admits it is not gold:
Gold plated Krugerrand mini coin .   
Nice lustrous small 22 Karat Gold plated coin 10 mm across. Crisp details. Reeded edge.

So why make himself into a obvious liar by stating it to be gold in the title, and...

It is listed fraudulently under the wrong category
Coins & Paper Money > Coins: World > Gold

That's also breaking eBay Listing Policy

The Same eBay Member Also Sells:

Saint Gaudens Liberty Mini Gold Coin. GEM BU !!!
Also not a coin.

Saint Gaudens Liberty mini Gold coin. Very nice!!!
The word "nice" is being mistreated, from the photograph it looks awful!

Also misleadingly listed under the same category:
Coins & Paper Money > Coins: World > Gold

Description states:
Gold St. Gaudens mini coin.   
Nice lustrous small 10 Karat gold coin 10 mm across. Crisp details. Reeded edge.
We wonder whether it really is 10 Karat gold?, and how does the seller know this?

Not Only, But Also...

Maximiliano Mexico 1865 Gold coin . GEM BU !!!
Plus Krugerrand mini coin Absolutely FREE. Best deal!!!

Description states:
Gold 1865 Maximiliano coin .   
Nice lustrous small 10 Karat gold coin 10 mm across. Crisp details. Reeded edge.
and it's also listed in category:
Coins & Paper Money > Coins: World > Gold

These are not real coins, (check Kause if you are not sure, we are dealers with over 40 years experience) they are pseudo coins, otherwise known as fantasy coins, fakes, imitations.

Amazing Feedback
If you need convincing that eBay feedback means next to nothing, and is a poor indicator of honesty, look at this guy's feedback:
Lifetime Summary: Positives:600 Negatives:0 | Positive Feedback: 100%

In the past 3 months, he has sold:
57     Maximiliano Mexico 1865 Gold coin
63     Saint Gaudens Liberty mini Gold coin

Nobody has given him a negative feedback for selling fake coins, although a few brave members have given him neutrals.

One Born Every Minute
Phineas T. Barnum was right, there's a sucker born every minute. (Our apologies to all the buyers).

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